White House Lights

The lights in the Cabinet Room went out briefly (July 17), just as President Trump expressed his “full faith” in America’s intelligence community.

During his remarks about Russia, he mentioned his confidence in the US intelligence community that has taken a serious beating these last several months.

The lights began to fade when Trump said “full faith” and went completely dark for a brief moment.  This prompted him to say, “it must be the intelligence community.”  He then asked if everyone was alright.

This begs the question whether it really was intelligence people.

Who had a copy of his remarks, and was also able to turn off the lights as they listened to the President?  Could this harken back to Q’s post, back in the ‘early days’ of Q, when he/they wrote that a blackout will be they and not to become anxious?  This plays well with the fact that Q hasn’t posted (he’s chone dark”) since July 4th.  Remember, there are no coincidences.

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Q post #64, Nov. 2, 2017:

Should the lights go out please know we are in control.



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