What Are They Pushing?

There is a push to curb the mosquito population in order to lessen instances of West Nile disease in the US. The main way many counties have dealt with this issue is by spraying vast swathes of land with the bug-killer du jour.

Organophosphate pesticide exposure from working fields in Southen California was a hot topic on my college campus in 1982. Many farm workers would develop strange symptoms – droopy face, inability to use a hand or arm. They would also die in their forties.

And we help them out when we attempt to keep our lawns tidy with Roundup (glyphosate).

There has been a recent upsurge in similarly strange symptoms in children, specifically AFM – acute flaccid myelitis. What do these symptoms sound like to you? Your parents will most likely know. It is the loss of muscular control of the extremities leading to paralysis. This sure seems like that dreaded disease of the first half of the 20th century: polio. And I was taught we eradicated polio in my lifetime.

No one is downplaying the devastating effects of neuro-encepheletic diseases. I certainly have sympathy for any family touched by these diseases. Because we should all care about the increase in Autism, MS, ALS, Parkinsons, Meningitis, Lyme, Guillian-Barré, Muscular Dystrophy, systemic inflammatory conditions ( e.g., Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, CFS), respiratory illness, and AFM, etc. We need skilled technicians to examine the causes of these diseases, find similarities, and help us curb the use of toxins and nerve agents in our environment.

I believe the epidemic insurgence of these diseases is a combination of electromagnetic exposure and enviromental conditions conducive to a neuro-invasive presentation of an encephalitic pathogen.

We may see the resurgence of polio, perhaps with a different name. And it will be the result of toxin overload and electro-magnetic (radio frequency) exposure.



Encephalitis – Approach To Medicine

Meningitis, encephalitis, myelitis (often overlapping). Objective finding of Focal Weakness – IMPORTANT CLUE, characteristic. Manifests as an acute flaccid paralysis, can even involve diaphragm (similar to polio). (My emphasis.)

Alphabet’s Latest Project Is Birth Control for Mosquitoes …

At one of Alphabet’s campuses in Mountain View, California, entomologists working behind the steel door of a bio-safety lab are breeding mosquitoes in a new effort by the search giant to create automated insect farms.
Verily’s jump into mosquitoes also lands it in territory already staked out by Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, whose foundation has spent $40 million on Eliminate Dengue, a mosquito program preparing large-scale interventions in Rio de Janeiro and Medellin, Colombia.
When a male carrying Wolbachia mates with a normal female, her eggs are incorrectly fertilized and offspring don’t develop. Think of it as a form of birth control.

How will this “sterile male technique” effect the human population?

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