A Family Pays the Price for a Clinton Connection

President Donald Trump has just taken over personal command of all United States intelligence agencies following the brutal massacre of an alleged FBI informant named Keith Caneiro, his wife and two children—who, with his brother Paul Caneiro, had begun penetrating the computer networks of Citibank—the American banking giant being targeted by Trump, and who had ordered President Obama to make Hillary Clinton his Secretary of State.

Following the assassination a fortnight ago of top Trump advisor Daniel Best, coupled with this week’s massacre of FBI informant Keith Caneiro and his family, President Trumph hand picked the rest of the members of his PIAB and put them in charge of the entire US intelligence community:

Experts say Trump could roil the intelligence community by asking his hand-picked panel to draft reports, for example, on alleged surveillance abuses against his 2016 campaign associates, a disputed charge made by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, who are poised to lose subpoena powers. (Washington Examiner)

This group, the Presidential Intelligence Advisory Board (PIAB), was resurrected since its dissolution by the Carter Administration and “derives significant authority directly from the president, operating as his surrogate to smooth over agency rivalries, investigate misconduct, and evaluate intelligence collection policies.

Trump has put Stephen Feinberg in charge of the PIAB.

Through DynCorp, Feinberg already controls one of the largest military contractors in the U.S., one which trains Afghanistan’s police force and assists in their narcotics-trafficking countermeasures. (app.com)

This is exactly what is needed to counter the ongoing Clinton-Cabal machinations.

One hand-picked member of this PIAB is only referred to as a New Jersey resident named David Robertson, who is linked with a suspected CIA operative named Ceasar Caneiro who is an officer listed for a secretive New Jersey company named Acropolis Holding Corp. (parent company for EcoStar Pest Management, another Caneiro company—and whose officers are Keith Caneiro and Paul Caneiro.

Keith Caneiro’s Source One company received the contract
installing computer networks for Citibank.







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