A Right Position

President Trump’s accomplishments are far-reaching and are bringing the country back to a more central tilt—this after eight constitution-crushing Obama years, and those of the Bushes. With just over a year in office, Donald Trump has already appointed 21 of America’s 167 current circuit judges and intends to fill an additional 20 or more vacancies by the end of the year. At a Susan B. Anthony List campaign for life gala in Washington last month, he reported appointing a record number of judges who will “defend our Constitution and interpret the law as written.”  That is what a Constitutional Republic should be doing! … Continue reading A Right Position

What We Learned from the USMC Raid on Langley

From Benjamin Fulford, November 2017. . There will be pain. . From a Marine at CIA headquarters The U.S. Marines raided the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia this past weekend [November 19, 2017]. The Marines retrieved a lot of evidence implicating well-known politicians of embezzlement, election rigging, identity fraud, assassination plots, murders, domestic terrorism, and pedophilia. I’ve listed the following 23 ITEMS to pique your interest and summarize what’s happening: ITEM 1: CIA headquarters has been raided, the FBI has been neutralized, and $35 trillion of U.S. Treasury embezzled funds have been recovered. About $100 trillion has been … Continue reading What We Learned from the USMC Raid on Langley

Banking Families of the Cabal

This is the list of Banking Families and the institutions they own.  It is a chart of the Cabal. Family Companies Place of origin Principal countries of residence Altoviti Florence Republic of Florence Bardi Compagnia dei Bardi Florence Republic of Florence Baring Barings Bank, Baring Vostok Capital Partners Bremen Germany, UK Berenberg-Gossler-Seyler Berenberg Bank Antwerp Belgium, Germany Bordier Bordier & Cie Geneva Switzerland Botín Banco Santander Santander Spain Cerchi Valdarno, Tuscany Republic of Florence Chigi Banco Chigi Siena Republic of Siena Clifford Clifford, Herefordshire UK, The Netherlands Coutts Coutts & Co London UK Fugger Augsburg Germany Goldman–Sachs Goldman Sachs New York USA … Continue reading Banking Families of the Cabal

Pedovores, Pedophiles, and Human Trafficking

WARNING This report deals with grotesque, deviant behavior, but is not graphical. “So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the rooves. Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Matthew 10:26‭-‬28 NIV I wrote this back on April 30th, but decided … Continue reading Pedovores, Pedophiles, and Human Trafficking

Criminal Referral Issued for High Level Perps

Eleven Republican Congressmen have written Sessions, Huber, and Wray, requesting investigations of the following people, among others. The letter refers these individuals for the following conduct: James Comey – obstruction, perjury, corruption, stealing public property or records, gathering transmitting or losing defense information, unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents, false statements. Hillary Clinton – contributions and donations by foreign nationals Loretta Lynch – obstruction, corruption Andrew McCabe – false statements, perjury, obstruction Peter Strzok and Lisa Page – obstruction, corruption “Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI personnel connected to the compilation of documents on alleged links between Russia and … Continue reading Criminal Referral Issued for High Level Perps

The Deep State Coup of America

THE TIMELINE OF EVIL GOES VIRAL Alt-media unites to distribute indictable evidence proving globalist Deep State shadow government crimes. These are the faces of traitors. Brief summary below. Download, study and share this vital information. Sources https://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/deep-state.pdf http://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/cyberhijack/cyber-hijack-findings.html Brief summary of the MANY smoking guns in this collusion: Oct. 11, 1996 False Statements Accountability Act—parties can lie to Congress and courts); Nov. 29, 2001 IBM forms The Eclipse Foundation Jun. 05, 2002 Chandler takes custody of Leader’s invention source code Aug. 29, 2002 Leader’s invention appears in Eclipse version 2.0.1 Aug. 30, 2002 Chandler’s notes confirm IBM conspiracy to misappropriate Leader’s … Continue reading The Deep State Coup of America

Massive Deception to Distract from Economic Collapse

There is a Massive Deception now underway to distract us from the total economic collapse and economic reset we see on our horizon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LG7GT14baj8&feature=youtu.be Listen to the Rhetoric that is now being spread across the Internet and Main Stream Media through SERCO and into the Internet through CIA News Channels. Stories like: 1) Germany Ops Out of WW3 As US Launches “Doomsday Plane.” First of all – how do you Opt Out of a World Wide Nuclear Conflict?   Secondly – the US “Doomsday Plane” is so well maintained that it’s left inner engine is sputtering and sucking air. Can … Continue reading Massive Deception to Distract from Economic Collapse

‘Astonishing California bill would shut down free speech,require fact-checkers’ (by Jon Rappoport)

  By Jon Rappoport April 9, 2018 California used to be trumpeted as the cutting edge of American culture. It still is, except the culture is now all about censoring free speech. California Senator Richard Pan, who was behind the infamous 2015 law mandating vaccinations for schoolchildren (SB277), has stepped up to the plate and introduced another bill. This one would clamp down on criticism of ANY Official Story. The bill is titled “SB1424 Internet: social media: false information: strategic plan.” It targets social media based in California. But as you read the bill, you see it appears to define … Continue reading ‘Astonishing California bill would shut down free speech,require fact-checkers’ (by Jon Rappoport)

Hundreds of top Khazarian mafiosi, including the Bush family, renditioned to Gitmo

This article is from a January, 2018 post by Benjamin Fulford. ~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~ In a historic moment of poetic justice, most of the U.S.-based top perpetrators of the fake “war on terror” have now themselves been renditioned to the U.S. Navy camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Pentagon sources say. “The Rothschild assets George Soros, Peter Munk, Peter Sutherland, the Bushes, the Podestas, and many others may have been airlifted to Gitmo for military tribunals, as the Department of Defense spends $500M to upgrade the prison and send more military police and Marines,” the sources say. In one of many signs of … Continue reading Hundreds of top Khazarian mafiosi, including the Bush family, renditioned to Gitmo

Bolton’s Judgement Blurred

John Bolton used to be a balanced and calm voice for countries getting along. With his appointment to National Security Advisor, Bolton has concurrently the ear of the President while the MEK has his. The MEK, Mujahideen-e Khalq, is described by Jason Rezaian thus: But it is the group’s activities in the decades since that have cemented its reputation as a deranged cult. For decades its command center was a compound in Iraq’s Diyala province, where more than 3,000 members lived in virtual captivity. The few who were able to escape told of being cut off from their loved ones, … Continue reading Bolton’s Judgement Blurred