What We Learned from the USMC Raid on Langley

From Benjamin Fulford, November 2017. . There will be pain. . From a Marine at CIA headquarters The U.S. Marines raided the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia this past weekend [November 19, 2017]. The Marines retrieved a lot of evidence implicating well-known politicians of embezzlement, election rigging, identity fraud, assassination plots, murders, domestic terrorism, and pedophilia. I’ve listed the following 23 ITEMS to pique your interest and summarize what’s happening: ITEM 1: CIA headquarters has been raided, the FBI has been neutralized, and $35 trillion of U.S. Treasury embezzled funds have been recovered. About $100 trillion has been … Continue reading What We Learned from the USMC Raid on Langley

Trump’s First Year Accomplishments

Excerpts from: http://canadafreepress.com/article/a-year-of-spectacular-accomplishments-for-president-trump http://canadafreepress.com/members/1/JoanSwirsky/130 I use the adjectives spectacular and extraordinary not only to describe the sheer ebullience and optimism the president exhibits every day at his impossibly daunting job—and in spite of the non-stop vilification of the angry, bitter, jealous left—but mostly because his accomplishments in both domestic and foreign affairs have been so stupendous for the American people. “Haven’t you been reading the papers and watching TV?” the pathetic Never Trumpers grouse. “If you had,” they insist, “you would have seen clearly that the president has had just about no accomplishments!” Of course, if I depended on the … Continue reading Trump’s First Year Accomplishments

Child Trafficking Being Thwarted; CIA Warned

Upon his return from traveling in Asia, President Trump took a non-chalant sip of water, making sure the label was showing. This is strange, as it signals attention to this island nation.ooo 1. The State Depart . In jj ment website shows Fiji is a source destination for child sex and human trafficking. So Trump’s casual sip was a warning to the Deep State, as in “you’re in my sites.” 2. The reports of Marines helos fly around CIA headquarters, have been verified by local witnesses. Not one word of Marines landing at Langley appears in any US mass-media outlet … Continue reading Child Trafficking Being Thwarted; CIA Warned

The Puppetmasters Are More Evil Than We Could Imagine

This research has sent me to my knees and keeps getting bigger. I do not understand how anyone with knowledge of these heinous crimes could look the other way. I suggest you pray before reading, but pray also for my family. Information dump from October 10th and continuing: The self admitted “Nazi collaborator” George Soros made a massive stock manipulation deal that enriched him by at least $73 million—thus proving his foreknowledge of this horrific mass killing. This is exactly like what had occurred prior to September 11, 2001 when financial transactions in the days before this 9/11 attack showed … Continue reading The Puppetmasters Are More Evil Than We Could Imagine