Trump’s First Year Accomplishments

Excerpts from: I use the adjectives spectacular and extraordinary not only to describe the sheer ebullience and optimism the president exhibits every day at his impossibly daunting job—and in spite of the non-stop vilification of the angry, bitter, jealous left—but mostly because his accomplishments in both domestic and foreign affairs have been so stupendous for the American people. “Haven’t you been reading the papers and watching TV?” the pathetic Never Trumpers grouse. “If you had,” they insist, “you would have seen clearly that the president has had just about no accomplishments!” Of course, if I depended on the … Continue reading Trump’s First Year Accomplishments

Trump Drains the Swamp…and Gets Things Done!

The times we live in are very complex.  How did we get here?  The second law of thermodynamics is called entropy, wherein any ordered system must necessarily decay into disorder.  That is why, to keep things in order, we have to constantly maintain order with tweaks, fixes and rebuilds.  We have reached a point of such neglect in our national system of governance and civility that we now have quite the tangle to unweave before we can even fix the problems. It’s worse than complex, these are perplexing times. The workers are the backbone of this nation – those who … Continue reading Trump Drains the Swamp…and Gets Things Done!

Elite Snakes Arrested

The swamp is draining and the snakes are suffocating.  Three Russians and two Americans have been arrested within the last month for espionage and treason. Thanks to a concerted effort by presidents Trump and Putin, these traitors are going away permanently. First, in Russia. These men were arrested 27 January and can’t sing fast enough. All were communicating with the CIA about taking down the Right, forcing a win for the left, even though HRC only received 13 million votes total.  These are the evil people trying to lead us into a nuclear war. FSB Director On Information Security,  Sergia … Continue reading Elite Snakes Arrested