Child Trafficking Being Thwarted; CIA Warned

Upon his return from traveling in Asia, President Trump took a non-chalant sip of water, making sure the label was showing. This is strange, as it signals attention to this island 1. The State Depart . In jj ment website shows Fiji is a source destination for child sex and human trafficking. So Trump’s casual sip was a warning to the Deep State, as in “you’re in my sites.” 2. The reports of Marines helos fly around CIA headquarters, have been verified by local witnesses. Not one word of Marines landing at Langley appears in any US mass-media outlet … Continue reading Child Trafficking Being Thwarted; CIA Warned

Uranium Cranium

The $145,000,000 that wound up at the Clinton Family Foundation for no reason at all got there for no reason at all. The following is entirely from: Every deal from which America‚Äôs enemies profit has to be a Good Deal for America. Or charity – if you will. Especially with all the Good Deals in which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama got involved. For example: The BenghaziGate Good Deal in which the United States got run out of North Africa by a band of extremist religious thugs, got Americans killed just to make the deal better, and made certain … Continue reading Uranium Cranium