The Real History of World Rulers

As a Watchman, called by God to alert the brethren to enemy activity, I am obligated to RESEARCH, EDUCATE, and LOVE.  So I refer you to the articles below,  knowing full well they will provoke a paradigm shift in your thinking.  This is just one aspect of the world as it really is.  Pray before going any farther, and may the Lord God protect and encourage each of us. ◇▪◇▪☆▪◇▪◇ So far, I’ve been unable to post this article.  It is the true history of what Benjamin Fulford calls the Khazarian Mafia (KM).  These are some of the evil people who rule … Continue reading The Real History of World Rulers

The Meek are About to Inherit the Earth

Arrests, assassinations, and a financial war are all part of the struggle between Trump and the white hats against the Cabal — specifically the Khazarian Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and their grip on all aspects of life on Earth. Thankfully, the good guys are winning, and will insure the Cabal are eradicated. World Government An agreement between the Vatican and Chinese government to select new bishops in China jointly and with veto power is “actually an agreement for joint world power-sharing,” according to Benjamin Fulford. It is the end of Western-dominated old order and beginning of an Asian-dominated new age, and … Continue reading The Meek are About to Inherit the Earth

President Trump Moves Against the Cabal

From William Mount: (213) Trump Jails Several Top Elites – YouTube  In several key announcements the President is now finally moving against these Protected Elites.1) First – He is holding a Key Meeting at Camp David (Shangrila).During the weekend of January 6-7 the President will hold a meeting with Key Republican Leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel and map out the 2018 legislative Schedule – which means Paul Ryan is not resigning.The first things to be discussed are how to reign in Obama’s  Department of Homeland Security that is now in 170 different nations and why Venezuela is now … Continue reading President Trump Moves Against the Cabal

Tensions Rising

This is an edited reprint of Dr. William Mount’s article of November 27, 2017, here. Worldwide Tensions Skyrocket – The Reason Will Shock You See video: Tensions around the world are rising as the Elites try everything they can to reduce our population to 500 Million. Today we learn about a New Bacteria found on the Outside of the International Space Station and taken by the US to the Plum Island Bio Weapons Testing Facility in New York [The same place Lyme was developed and spread to the city of Old Lyme, CT.]. Here at this facility it was … Continue reading Tensions Rising

IMF and the Dollar’s Destruction

Annual meeting 22-23 April 2017, D.C. Discussed the downfall of the entire US economy & replace it with chaos. Read that as death of the Dollar and mass killings to bring the population down to a manageable number. Since Rome runs the Muslims, it will be replaced with Islam.  Main speaker was Chris LeGard  (the white haired lady who is a cross dressing male). Rothschild Banking System owns & runs: The U.S. Corporation  Chinese Central Bank  Bank of Russia  Russian Federated Republic The Rothschild banking system (real name is the Bowery Boys), owned by Deutch Bank, which is owned & … Continue reading IMF and the Dollar’s Destruction