There has been a legal doctrine in the US that has caused serious contradiction with the Constitution. Stare Decisis is the doctrine that binds courts to follow legal precedents set by previous decisions. The contradiction is between interpreting the Constitution loosely as a “living document,” or with a “strict construction,” as in it means what it says. We see this contradiction today in the US Federal Courts upholding the “Strict Construction” ruling that babies killed in their mothers’ wombs during violent attacks can be charged as murder—while at the same time, they support the “Living Constitution” ruling (Roe v. Wade) … Continue reading SCOTUS Two-Step

Gov’t Shutdown Overview

Brief Rollout 1. On 1-22-19 “Reduction in Force” law activates allowing permanent layoffs of fed employees (i.e., Dem Socialists, Resistance, Saboteurs). a) b) 2. As of this week, joint jurisdiction of US Courts marshal has been activated (Pain) 3. In the history of US, the Marshals and their Deputies heave been the instruments of civil authority; how we govern ourselves. 4. Due to govt shutdown and RIF activation, courts must now coordinate independently with local offices of the US Marshal’s Service (Harlow) and the US Attorney ‘s Office (Barr)… 5. …which are part of Executive branch’s … Continue reading Gov’t Shutdown Overview

President Trump Triggers Democrats by Following Int’l. Immigration Law

President Trump is pulling back our military in accordance with his campaign promise. Secretary of State Pompeo said they are activating US Code 235b2c to send home illegal aliens on welfare. We have paid the Mexican government almost $11 billion to accept them (40% are from Mexico, others are from Central America, Somalia, and elsewhere). Homeland Security said if you are applying for asylum in the US, you will wait in Mexico. In other words, the United States Corporation had agreed to follow international law: if you’re here illegally, you go home. This is the first time the USCorp has … Continue reading President Trump Triggers Democrats by Following Int’l. Immigration Law

The Disinfection of America

In the continuing work of draining the swamp, President Trump is cleaning out the top military personnel. General Mark Milley, head of the Army and Joint Chiefs of Staff, has begun a purge of disloyal US military officers—that includes US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Willie Newson, the commander of 165th Airlift Wing that provides tactical airlift of personnel, equipment and supplies worldwide whose forces would be responsible for returning to United States hardened combat forces to oversee martial law, being arrested for child sex crimes; US Navy Vice Admiral Scott A. Stearney, the commander of all US military combat forces … Continue reading The Disinfection of America


The question is not whether you want to live under martial law; the question is whether you want to continue to live under Obama’s “deep state martial law” where the media, the courts, the prosecutors, the tech giants, the IRS and every other element of the deep state is targeting conservatives and Trump supporters for complete destruction. Continue reading NATIONAL ALERT

Getting Out From Under the Fed?

President Trump has his sights on corralling the Fed just as he has been decimating the Cabal.  As he cuts off the hydra’s head and its tentacles wither, we all might begin to feel some serious hope and excitement. The latest Q posts are grounds for a cautious hope, indeed. “We will never again be under their control.” The Federal Reserve systematically penalizes those that try to save their money. Inflation is a tax, and the value of each one of our dollars goes down a little bit more every single day. The Federal Reserve system was also designed to trap people. The intent … Continue reading Getting Out From Under the Fed?

White House Lights

The lights in the Cabinet Room went out briefly (July 17), just as President Trump expressed his “full faith” in America’s intelligence community. During his remarks about Russia, he mentioned his confidence in the US intelligence community that has taken a serious beating these last several months. The lights began to fade when Trump said “full faith” and went completely dark for a brief moment.  This prompted him to say, “it must be the intelligence community.”  He then asked if everyone was alright. This begs the question whether it really was intelligence people. Who had a copy of his remarks, … Continue reading White House Lights

A Right Position

President Trump’s accomplishments are far-reaching and are bringing the country back to a more central tilt—this after eight constitution-crushing Obama years, and those of the Bushes. With just over a year in office, Donald Trump has already appointed 21 of America’s 167 current circuit judges and intends to fill an additional 20 or more vacancies by the end of the year. At a Susan B. Anthony List campaign for life gala in Washington last month, he reported appointing a record number of judges who will “defend our Constitution and interpret the law as written.”  That is what a Constitutional Republic should be doing! … Continue reading A Right Position