The Fight to Save Free Speech

10 weeks to go before one of the most crucial American elections in modern times


There is such hypocrisy going on in the Democratic party, that I truly believe our venerated First Amendment (#1A) is in peril. And mark my words, this Never Trump War is doing more for Trump’s supporters and the #WalkAway movement than the paltry loss due to the Manafort and Cohen convictions.

On August 28th, a half dozen of the world’s high tech firms attended a private meeting in San Francisco to discuss their (THEIR) election strategy.

Last week, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, Nathaniel Gleicher, invited employees from a dozen companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Snapchat, to gather at Twitter’s headquarters in downtown San Francisco, according to an email obtained by BuzzFeed News.

“As I’ve mentioned to several of you over the last few weeks, we have been looking to schedule a follow-on discussion to our industry conversation about information operations, election protection, and the work we are all doing to tackle these challenges,” Gleicher wrote.

So the elitists in Silicon Valley believe they know what’s best for America, and seem hellbent on imposing their far left agenda, even to the point of changing algorithms of social media so the conservative viewpoint cannot be spread!

Understand that it’s not Trump who is their enemy, it’s us! President Trump is simply the man who stepped in at the right time, but the popularism and its concurrent hostility toward the establishment are what created Trump. So the left is fighting the wrong enemy!

Oh my, Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort got ensnared in legal trouble. Manafort was convicted on eight counts of tax and bank fraud charges. Mr. Cohen entered a guilty plea to campaign finance violations. They’re closing in on Trump, right? Nope. Not even close. And please, let’s not dwell too much on campaign finance violations. This doesn’t prove Russian collusion. Manafort’s case was unrelated to such allegations. We knew he was shady, and I’m not shocked that his activities landed him into legal trouble. Still, these convictions, plea deals, and the president’s Twitter activity have done little to damage his base. They’re not going anywhere because he delivers results and he’s not a politician.

Salena Zito, who writes for The Washington Examiner and The New York Post, along with being a commentator for CNN, has been traveling rural America for years. Amassing tens of thousands of miles with these travels into small-town America, she saw the populist movement coming well before the elite media pundit class did. At times, she’s mocked for her coverage, but nothing beats on the ground reporting from the people who support this president from the very areas they congregate. Also, she’s been proven right. Right around the time the Tea Party movement was fading (it’s just the nature of the political cycle, folks—nothing against the Tea Party), she said a nameless, faceless, and leaderless neo-populist movement was brewing and up for grabs. Trump and the GOP were the ones who were able to seize the moment.

So, her latest piece details how the Cohen and Manafort news won’t shake his base. She reported from Zanesville, Ohio for this article, speaking to a suburban woman in her mid-40s:

She cannot abide anything he [President Trump] tweets, finds his speeches a stream of consciousness that is hard to unscramble and considers his morals in the gutter. She reluctantly voted for him and knows she will vote for him again, something she admits even surprises her.

Why does he hold her support?

He delivers results.

“It’s just that simple.”

She mentions the tax reform bill, the remaking of the judiciary, how he has repealed regulations that have improved the economic conditions in the state, both of his picks for the Supreme Court and his unflinching manner in taking on the establishment wings of both political parties as her reasons.


This new conservative populist coalition is not the fluke the political class hoped it was. Donald Trump did not cause it, he is just the result of it, so no matter what he does, it continues. It is predicated on them, not him.

The coalition is a strike at not just tone deafness in both Congress and the White House but also high levels of incompetence, negligence and shoddy performance at agencies, as well as inept social services, a bloated and incompetent bureaucracy, endless wars and multinational agreements and treaties that don’t benefit average people.

Zito added, “It’s another one of those coincidences where only conservative or right-leaning publications and users seem to be impacted.”

The election of Donald Trump has so enraged the globalists that they have practically eradicated the near-universal agreement over the right to speak, driven by a false belief that too much free speech helped Trump get elected—and that large numbers of Americans began not just to tolerate, but now demand censorship—that’s being exploited by the Democratic Party who have formulated a two-prong attack to:

  1. Take down the President of the United States, and
  2. Destroy a thriving alternative media consumed with questioning the official narrative.

Standing alone among the American MSM are The Wall Street Journal, America’s largest newspaper by paid circulation with more than 2.2 million subscribers, and Fox News, the most-watched cable news television program—but whose “voices in the wilderness” have nowhere near the reach as their leftist opponents do. Alternative news and blog sites are trying to saturate Americans with real news and “continuous examples of Democratic Party and mainstream media establishment “hypocrisy.”

(I)n the past week alone has seen the leftist mainstream media running banner headlines claiming that Trump ICE forces had arrested an illegal Mexican alien for simply driving his pregnant wife to the hospital, but who failed to mention that he was wanted for murder in Mexico—their failing to even report that the co-chairman of Democratic Party, Keith Ellison, was credibly accused by his former girlfriend of sadistically beating her—their failing to report that one of the main leaders of the #MeToo movement, Asia Argento, had paid nearly $400,000 to keep hidden her rape of a 17-year-old boy—and their deliberately removing from their headlines the word “undocumented” from articles about the illegal Mexicanmurder of Mollie Tibbetts in order to keep the truth of it hidden—their keeping totally silent after Lanny Davis, the attorney for Michael Cohn, destroyed the entire Trump-Russia Dossier by his stating CohnNever, Never, Never” did anything this fake document said he did—and their keeping completely hidden the fact that the Russian attorney, Natalia Veselnitskaya, who met with Trump campaign officials was working out of a President Obama office in Washington.

Long gone is the Fourth Estate of real journalists who deliver real news sans opinion or bias. Today, (mostly) conservative investigative citizen journalists are scouring the net for the truth and sharing it as they can when the social media giants deign to allow it. Now is the time we must band together to push for decentralized social media platforms and a free and open internet.


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