Another Elite Bites the Dust

In what prosecutors portrayed as a long-running scheme to defraud the government of nearly $600 million in federal disability payments, last week, a Kentucky lawyer who billed himself as “Mr. Social Security” pleaded guilty Friday to one count of theft of government money and one count of payment of gratuities.  He’s facing up to 12 years in prison.

Eric Conn bribed a judge and several doctors to get his clients onto the disability rolls, and even admitted to paying tie judge $10,000 a month for six years to award disability benefits in more than 1700 cases.

So while we are out there busting our behinds working to support our families, this Obama supporter stole $600 million from Social Security. That’s a ton of our tax dollars going to waste!  You want disability? – go to the Conn-man.


In other news, anti-Soros protests are erupting all over Europe.  For 26 days, everyday, thousands have been protesting in cities throughout Macedonia with one message: Soros and US out.

Macedonia was the only nation to escape Yugoslavia without war, has been led by VMRO’s pro-growth, low-tax, family-values government for the last 11 years.  These bright folks don’t want collusion between the Hungarian-American billionaire and the US against Macedonia’s national interest (as outlined on the website,, launched in late January by journalists in Skopje, the capital city and, incidentally, birthplace of Mother Teresa.

Small but mighty Macedonia is the mouse that roared this year, declaring war on George Soros, 86, and his US Government handmaidens, who, incredibly, have financed a left-wing agenda to divide the nation and bring a socialist-Muslim coalition to power.

It was the kind of Obama Administration manipulation that was so routine that it passed unnoticed in 2012, when USAID/Skopje selected Soros’ Foundation Open Society Macedonia (FOSM) to manage $2.5 million in taxpayer dollars earmarked for oxymoronic “democracy building,” an amount increased to $4.8 million two years later.

Macedonia is both fiscally and socially conservative, and the only place in the EU where abortion rules have tightened.  “We became a Soros target because we’re a conservative nation,” the politician ruefully observed.

Not only has the US played negative, counterproductive games in Macedonia, they report our foreign policy has destabilized the country and promoted Islamic extremism.

US goals are so unsavory to the majority Orthodox population that many are beginning to look toward Russia as a more sympathetic — not to mention Christian — ally.

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