Called to Pray



We are feeling the enormous slide toward evil and moral relativity in all aspects of life. Christians are being systematically murdered in the Middle East and Africa. People all over the world are forced to convert, flee, or be pushed into dhimmitude (“zimmitude”) under the thumb of oppression and violence. America is seeing the consequences of taking God out of the public square, and believers are shunned, ridiculed, and destroyed – not necessarily for standing for Biblical Truth, but for being so-called right-wing nut jobs, bigots, homophobes, Muslim haters, and worse, intolerant.

“BUT GOD…” God told us, thru the prophets, what to expect in these end times. It will require us to stand for Truth no matter what. Few of us will experience noble deaths, and most of us will be falsely accused. But we know Jesus has overcome the world; He will have the final victory. God’s wrath will finally account for the evil in men’s hearts. But we will go through a time of tribulation first.

It is time to HUMBLE OURSELVES, PRAY AND SEEK the Father, and REPENT of our sin. If you read my posts, you know 2 Chronicles 7:14 has been my clarion call for some time now. I feel the Lord calling me to step out beyond Facebook and my WatchmanMomma blog. I feel we need to pray as a nation and beg God to forgive our sin and the sin of the nation.

Franklin Graham is calling out Christians to go to their state capitols and pray in community. I am asking what specifically He wants me to do, and getting involved in bringing Mr. Graham to Springfield. I’m also asking you to join me in your respective states. If we earnestly seek Him, He promises to hear us. Together, let’s show the world we care, we commit, and WE PRAY! Praise Jesus!!


Decision America Tour

Franklin Graham’s call to prayer.


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